Organic Indian Basmati

Organically grown in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, Our Organic Basmati rice is prized for its amazing natural magical aroma and tantalizing flavor.

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  • 2This is the World's Longest Fragrant Rice
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At our family farms Organic Basmati rice is grown with traditional native seeds, using ancient Vedic techniques in which each and every step of farming is taken with serious consideration for the sustainability and preservation of nature using no pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers.

Our Organic Indian Basmati comes packed in a 2lb reusable greenbag. Each order consists of 4 packets of 2lbs each and are shipped Priority Mail.

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  • Experience the difference of our gourmet Organic Rice
  • Cholesterol free, fat free & a complex carbohydrate that is easy to digest, our Basmati Rice is lower in starch than other long grain Rice.

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    Farming Heritage Since 1912

    Here at Heavenly Farms we follow the traditional Vedic method of farming.
    Which in other words, means each and every step of farming was taken with
    serious consideration for the sustainability of nature and preservation of natural
    goodness of the soil.

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    Why Buy Organic Basmati Rice?

    • Non-Organic Rice Absorbs & Retains Pesticides & Fertilizers.
    • More than any other grain, It's Important to buy Organic Rice, because of the way rice absorbs chemicals from it's growing enviroment.
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    Why Indian Basmati Rice?

    True Basmati Rice comes from India, the region around the Himalaya's creates the Ideal growing conditions to give our Organic Indian Basmati it's unique flavor and aroma distinctly different than Basmati grown elsewhere.

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    Organic Food Better for Life

    When farmers choose to use organic farming methods, they make a conscious choice to refrain from using harmful chemicals and additives in the process. This means that the produce and animals are not treated with chemicals, but it also impacts a much wider eco-system.

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    Friends of the Earth

    A farmer's field is an open area through which hundreds, if not thousands, of animals wander and on which many different species live. All are impacted by the choices the farmer makes and all benefit when organic farming methods are used to support healthy soil, strong crops and clean water.

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    Reusable Packaging

    Our Eco friendly bags can be used as colorful covers for anything from Lunch to your favorite Ipad or kindle holder!



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Wonderful Smell
28 March 2016
Reviewed by AnyaV
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While cooking the entire kitchen had this wonderful smell, it came out fluffy and really really long for rice! My dinner party was a huge success, everyone especially loved the basmati! .... Anya V. Atlanta,GA

OMG Rice!
28 May 2016
Reviewed by GaryC
r=1|r0=s,php/images/rating-star.gif,5 |

I was skeptical, I mean rice is rice....until I tried this Organic rice OMG what a difference in taste and scent! Gary C. Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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The Best way to cook our Organic Basmati Rice

For Best results presoak the Organic Basmati in spring water for 15-30mins.

The best way to prepare Basmati rice is to first rinse it in water. Place the desired amount in a large bowl, cover with water and strain out the water at least three times. After the rice is thoroughly rinsed, place it in the cooking pot and allow it soak in water for about 15-30 minutes. This allows each grain to absorb water and therefore stick less to other grains while cooking. If you do not soak the rice first, cook one part rice to two parts water. Soaked rice can use less water such as one cup of rice and one and three quarter cups water. Bring the rice and water to a boil, cover with a secure lid and reduce to a simmer. Don't lift the lid or stir the rice as it is cooking. The reason is that as the rice is expanding it forms various steam tunnels. If these are interrupted then the rice will not cook evenly, resulting in the bottom soggy or burned and the top not done. Allow to cook for 15 - 20 minutes. The rice should not be mushy and stuck together. Each grain should come out firm, separate and tasty. To tell if the rice is cooked enough, remove a grain of rice and squeeze it between the thumb and forefinger.. It should completely mash. There should be no hard parts. That's it....Enjoy your Delicious Organic Rice!


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